Go beyond your mind’s limitations

Personalized AI powered by what you’ve seen, said, and heard.

The world’s most wearable AI. Preserve conversations and ask your personalized AI anything.

Limitless Meetings

Make meetings a joy. Stay on top of it all with meeting prep, automated notes, and summaries you can trust.



Make your day feel easy with all the context from your online and real-world conversations in one place. No bots required.


Make the most of every conversation with pre-meeting briefs

Get context from your Gmail, Google Calendar, previous meetings, and in-person conversations before your call.

Meeting Prep by Limitless


Stay on top of every moment with accurate transcription

Your conversation is transcribed as it’s happening, making it easy to quickly catch up if you need to.

Meeting Transcript by Limitless


Say goodbye to manually writing meeting notes

Notes are automatically created as the meeting progresses so you can catch up quickly, and trust that it’s capturing everything.

Meeting Notes by Limitless


Be the most reliable teammate with useful summaries and action items

Get practically perfect post-meeting summaries so you always know what happened and what was committed to.

Meeting Summary by Limitless

No awkward bot joining your meetings.

Won't slow your computer and has unlimited storage.

Data encrypted and stored in the Limitless Confidential Cloud.

Works with any meeting tool like Zoom, Slack, Meet, and more.

Instantly join and record meetings right on time with just one click.

Usable on any device including the web, your phone, a Mac, or PC.

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Access your data forever.

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Go beyond the screen



The world’s most wearable AI.

An unfairly affordable luxury.

$99Shipping Q4 2024

No subscription required.

100-hour battery lifeLight and truly wearableDurable aluminum bodyCrystal clear audioWeatherproofVersatile magnetic claspWi-Fi and Bluetooth enabledUSB-C charging
Pendant - Front
Pendant - Angle
Pendant - Back

An intuitive way to capture unexpected strokes of genius.

Pendant is an elegant, lightweight wearable that remembers what you say throughout the day, from in-person meetings, impromptu conversations, and personal insights.

Made for your outfit, and your life.

Preserving conversations.

Lunch meetings, conferences, clients calls, or doctors visits.

Personal reflection.

Verbal processing, thinking out loud, capturing a thought while your hands are busy.

Organizing the unexpected.

To-dos, reminders, or just re-living precious moments.

Pendant - Open

Versatile magnetic clasp design—wear pendant however you like.

Stay engaged without the worry of writing things down.

Gather insights about your life by better understanding how you communicate.

Keep conversations private with permission-based data protection.

Effortlessly retrieve conversations with an intuitive app.

Bookmark moments by tapping Pendant to easily mark a moment.

Ask your personalized AI anything with a tap and hold.

Privacy protected with
Confidential CloudConfidential Cloud

Image of a high-security bank vault

Your data is protected from hackers

If data falls into an attacker's hands, the attacker cannot read the data without also having access to the encryption keys. They won't be able to understand or decrypt it.

Your data will never be sold

We pledge never to sell your data or access your data without your permission. We have immutable audit logs and strict code review policies.

Your data is encrypted at rest

All your data is encrypted before it is written to disk. The data is automatically and transparently decrypted when read by an authorized user.

Your data is encrypted in transit

We employ several security measures to help ensure the authenticity, integrity, and privacy of data in transit. We secure communications using TLS.

Your data is legally protected

The Fifth Amendment protects you from having to perform the act of producing incriminating documents. You can file a motion to quash a subpoena for your Limitless data.

Your data is protected from 3rd party AI providers

Data sent to 3rd party AI providers for transcription and summarization is not used for training and deleted after 30 days.

For people going beyond their limitations

We create tools that augment—not replace—human intelligence with artificial intelligence to overcome the brain’s limitations. Improving memory and focus are just the beginning.

Limitless Go Beyond

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